About US

Welcome to GoSwasthya Family!

We always crave for soft roties, be it from wheat , jawar, bajara. Rotis made from ready made atta takes weeks after milling to reach to your dish.. hence loosing all its nutrition and softness.

Out of our own challenges and struggle to eat good food "GoSwasthya" was born!! In August 2019 and year after Paraclan Enterprises Pvt Ltd was incorporated.

We started providing fresh traditionally stone milled flours and other products which are healthy and not available in the market easily for health and convince. Flour reaches to you within 48hrs of milling, within our community.

Today with the help of our customers and word of mouth, we are able to serve across banglore. A BIG THANKS TO OUR CUSTOMERS!!

GoSwasthya belives in our roots and bring to you products with traditional techniques and products range. Freshly Milled Flours, traditionally Cold Pressed oils, Rice, Spices and Jaggery and many more to come.

We are proud to say we have been build by our CUSTOMERS!! What we consume is what we provide.